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What makes Hairdreams unique is the variety of hair creations available. Whether hair extensions, extensions for XXL manes, hair thickening or hair loss, there is a solution for practically everything!

For more than 30 years, Hairdreams has been known for its premium quality human hair creations. A legendary quality of the finest craftsmanship - with which no other can match. Mastering the art of lengthening and thickening requires experience and craftsmanship in hairdressing. Our employees are well equipped for this, specially certified and trained - so that every move fits!

Hairdreams is unique

What makes Hairdreams unique is the diversity of hair creations. Whether hair extensions, extensions for XXL manes, hair thickening or hair loss, there is a solution for everything! One feature that particularly stands out is that Hairdreams hair is exclusively 100% European human hair and adaptable to any hair type. With the natural, brilliant, modern colors and textures, every customer wish can be met.

It is especially gentle on your own hair, particularly easy to care for and uncomplicated to maintain. Thanks to the Hairdreams care set, the care of Hairdreams extensions is easier than ever! It contains everything you need for home and to maintain the hair quality as long as possible.

The hair quality is incomparable, silky, healthy and strong to the tips and can be worn longer than average extensions. With Hairdreams everything is possible! Sassy bob or modern balayage look? No matter what you desire, we make every customer wish come true with the limitless possibilities of Hairdreams hair & methods.

Extension methods


The bonding method is the Rolls Royce of hair extensions. Each strand is welded into your own hair using the Nano method and can be worn continuously for 4-6 months and reused up to 3 times in total. The bondings are easily removable at any time and leave no residue. It is ideally suited for individual hair extension, for a free wearing feeling and guarantees endless hairstyle possibilities.


Quikkie tapes are particularly gentle on the scalp and are gently stuck to the hair with adhesive strips and can be worn for 6-8 weeks and reused several times. They are invisible and very comfortable, easy to remove at any time and leave no residue. This method is ideal for hair thickening and spontaneous hair extension in any color & texture direction imaginable.


The iNSPOS extensions give tremendous bounce, incredible shine and have a unique memory effect.

A hair length is possible up to 80cm without frizz! Dries 50% faster than traditional extensions. With a special sealant for strong, voluminous hair, it can be worn up to 6 months and reused several times. It is ideal for fantastic dream hairstyles and has an additional UV protection.

We guarantee a flawless hair quality throughout the entire wearing period and accompany you from the consultation, control services to the entire wearing time. Beautiful hair is a matter of trust! You can't go wrong with Hairdreams and you are in good hands with us.

We have aroused your interest? Then come by for a non-binding consultation and tell us about your hair wishes.

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