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30 min wellness for every man at Hairfantastic Barbershop

Our barbershop is more than washing & cutting hair! Our barbers take care of you! Whether it's shampooing, scalp massage to soothe and relax, haircut or beard shave. All this you will enjoy with a cup of coffee

Where does the term "barber store" actually come from?

Barber or in German "Barbier" comes from the Latin and means "beard". The craft profession dates back to the Middle Ages and was practiced in bathhouses in oriental countries at that time. Since then, the profession changed to men's barber. A barber is a hairdresser with exclusively male customers. He cuts, styles or shaves the hair of the head as well as their beard hair. A barber store can also be recognized by the well-known red-white-blue column, the "Barberpole" also called what originally comes from America. This column in front of the salon signals to the male customer that here is a barber and he can get a haircut and shave.

The Barber Shop is a wellness salon for men.

The salon or area is very masculine, modern & masculine decor. Not only women like to be pampered at the barber shop. In the Barber Shop, men can now also sit back, relax and leave their hard day's work behind. A barber takes care of a modern haircut as well as the traditional wet shave, trimming the beard and removing facial hairs - often with oriental working techniques.

On top of that, the customer gets a facial massage with hot compress - exclusive care products such as the after shave rounds off the whole. A barber knows his craft very well, also educates himself further and keeps up with the latest trends. Whether with scissors, machine or sharpened knife, the barber can conjure up your beard shape & hairstyle as desired.

Also we have so called "Barber Shop" area in our beautiful big salon Hairfantastic.

You are male, want to do something good for yourself and try an extravagant look whether hairstyle or beard? Then you are exactly right with us. Our barbers take the time to advise and pamper you. You want to make your loved one happy? With us you can always order or buy a voucher for a traditional wet shave and/or a modern men's haircut online.

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